DTLab publishes recommendations on how to enhance safe, seamless and secure access to digital citizen services

GATINEAU, QC – June 12, 2024 – The Digital Trust Laboratory of Canada (DTLab) released a comprehensive report today, sponsored by the Government of Yukon, which delves into five key areas of identity and access management for digital citizen services.

“The recommendations outlined in this report provide actionable guidance for all levels of government, and their partners, that are looking to prioritize security, privacy protection and inclusivity when it comes to accessing digital citizen services,” said Cosanna Preston-Idedia, VP of Program Delivery and Government Relations at DTLab. 

The report is the product of a jurisdictional and market scan. For more information on the report: 

The Government of Yukon, like many jurisdictions across Canada, is striving to make access to digital services more secure, privacy protecting and convenient for its citizens and businesses, while remaining cost effective.

Ultimately, the report recommends preparing to transition to digital credentials through pilot programs and continuously monitoring progress and trends, both across Canada and internationally. Conclusions drawn from interviews that informed this report promote an iterative approach, prioritizing collaboration, and building trust. Importantly, the report emphasizes that ensuring safe, seamless and secure access to digital citizen services requires a program view, rather than merely an IT project.

DTLab conducted interviews with individuals from the following stakeholder groups: seven jurisdictions, four privacy commissioners, five solution providers, and a pan-Canadian government expert. These interviews were conducted between December 2023 and February 2024.

The primary questions investigated throughout the interviews were:

  1. How does a jurisdictional government  increase the level of assurance associated with access to citizen and business digital services?
  2. Should  single sign-on platforms for government digital services support data brokering for relying parties within government, and potentially between government programs? And if so, how should this be done?
  3. How can single sign-on platforms used at the provincial and territorial level be enabled to access Federal Government services through federation?
  4. How does a digital citizen services team best work with its privacy commissioner to ensure safe, seamless and secure access to digital citizen services?
  5. How does a digital citizen services team plan for a future with digital credentials?


About the Digital Trust Laboratory of Canada

The Digital Trust Laboratory of Canada (DTLab) is a neutral non-profit that brings people, organizations and governments together to tackle the big issues involved in the creation of secure, privacy-protecting and inclusive digital credentials. Through co-created projects, capacity building, and assessments, DTLab’s unbiased team of specialists is committed to empowering Canadians and Canadian businesses to safely and successfully engage in the digital world.

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