Digital Trust Acceleration Program

Digital trust is here, how can your organization benefit?

In this new digitally enabled world, it is imperative to offer solutions on a digital platform safely, privately and efficiently. Is your organization ready to meet this challenge? Let’s find out.

Where to start?

As organizations look to supplant digital options in lieu of their analog counterparts, several factors need to be examined and considered.

Going on the digital credential journey without a plan or strategy can be tricky – from privacy and cyber security concerns, to ensuring their digital options are easy-to-use, accessible and inclusive, to planning stakeholder engagement activities with employees, consultants, suppliers and customers, and ensuring your solutions work easily with your partners (i.e. are interoperable).

How does the program work?

To understand where you need to go, you have to have a solid grasp of where you are.

Starting this fall, the Digital Trust Acceleration Program will give you the skills and knowledge required to implement a successful digital identity program and serve as your roadmap to success.

Program components

The program is made up of two key components:

  • Our Digital Credential Learning Path
    This is instructor-led training providing your team with the knowledge and skills to optimize your digital identity program.
  • A gap assessment report: providing a detailed assessment of your digital trust and identity program.

Organizations may choose to perform either component first, based on their preference and current knowledge of digital trust and identity. There is no right or wrong; we will work with you to help choose the best path forward for your organization.


During the instructor lead training component, your organization will be guided from the foundational principles of digital credentials, to lead-implementer techniques and best practice. Designed to be adapted to your organization’s readiness level and broken down into actionable sections, your team members may elect to attend only the courses that are relevant to them. From executives that need a high-level understanding, to lead-implementers that must stay abreast of the latest best practices, this training program provides the tools and understanding your organization needs to take its digital identity journey to the next level.

Gap assessment report

During the gap assessment component, a Digital Identity Expert will assess your organization’s readiness and maturity. They will assess key areas of digital identity and how it relates to your unique digital identity program. Following the completion of the assessment, your Digital Identity Expert will review the findings and share results in a custom report detailing your digital identity maturity, identify key areas of focus, and make recommendations for improvement based on industry best practices. You can then use this report as your guide and roadmap to ensure a successful implementation of your digital identity program.