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Hyperledger Aries

Hyperledger Aries provides a shared, reusable, interoperable tool kit designed for initiatives and solutions focused on creating, transmitting and storing verifiable digital credentials. It is infrastructure for blockchain-rooted, peer-to-peer interactions.

W3C Verifiable Credentials

The mission of the W3C Verifiable Credentials Working Group (VCWG) is to make expressing and exchanging credentials that have been verified by a third party easier and more secure on the Web.

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NIST SP 800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines

SP 800-63 provides an overview of general identity frameworks, using authenticators, credentials, and assertions together in a digital system, and a risk-based process of selecting assurance levels.

Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) - Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework is designed to meet current and future Canadian digital identity ecosystem innovation needs by verifying trust of services and networks.

Public Sector Profile of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PSP PCTF)

The PCTF is a model that consists of a set of agreed-on concepts, definitions, processes, conformance criteria, and an assessment approach. The role of the PCTF is to complement existing standards and policies such as those concerned with security, privacy, and service delivery

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

The Privacy Impact Assessment is a formal and necessary compliance assessment process used to identify and evaluate privacy risks associated with the use of a solution or a service component offered by an identity service or a technology provider, or the development cycle of a project, a program or system (technology or solution).

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“Canada’s first IDlab is an initiative that the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) is proud to have helped establish. As the DIACC pushes significant projects forward, such as the launch of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework, we are glad to have a partner like the IDLab by our side.”

Joni Brennan, DIACC