Participate in DTLab projects

DTLab facilitates co-created projects with individuals and organizations that we believe will have maximum impact to accelerate the adoption of digital identity and credentials. Our process helps refine ideas, identify funding opportunities, and define resourcing needs.

Here are the various roles that bring DTLab co-created projects to life.


Any individual, organization, or government with a great idea for a co-created project can be a submitter. A project may be submitted by one or more submitters. They are the lead on developing the project proposal and they partner with DTLab to shape their proposal from ideation to submission.

View our Project Process for more information on submitters.



We work on a variety of projects in the digital credential space that require different skill sets and expertise. We look to Collaborators to contribute to DTLab projects, to ensure we have the right breadth and depth when we need it. Collaborators may be DTLab members, or any government, organization, or individual. DTLab welcomes everyone in collaborating with us on a project.



Project Funder

Funding DTLab community projects is a great way to truly make an impact in the advancement of digital identity and credentials in Canada. DTLab’s projects aim to make the issuing and implementation of digital credentials smoother, safer and more inclusive.

Funders may also contribute more generally to DTLab operations or by impact area. Find out other ways to support DTLab financially.

Our Co-Created Projects

Learn more about DTLab co-created projects and how they are selected.

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