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Our Approach

Solving complex problems related to implementing digital credentials requires working with a community of people, organizations, and governments who share our vision and commitment to excellence.

We’re committed to creating a safe space for open collaboration, exploration, problem solving, and knowledge sharing. All of our projects involve the active participation of both the people working to safely develop solutions and those who will ultimately use them across the economic spectrum — today and into the future.

We study digital credentials for a variety of applications — from issuing a digital driver’s license, to validating a digital post-secondary diploma, to tracking the origin or authenticity of a product.

Become a Member

Our multi-sector membership program is made up of organizations and individuals who are passionate about digital identity and credentials. Members can participate on co-created projects, are eligible to be nominated for the Board of Directors, and participate on our Steering Committee.

Become a Funder

Funders make an impact and advance digital identity and credentials via general contributions to DTLab operations, ensuring DTLab has the resources to continue to provide its community benefit.

Become a Partner

DTLab partners with like-minded not-for-profits and trade associations committed to advancing digital trust.

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