Capacity Building

Digital trust is here, how can your organization benefit?

The digital economy has arrived in Canada. The challenge is that not all of our critical economic tools have made the digital switch. Specifically, our identification, credential, permit and certification documents are stuck in the physical world. As a result, a wide range of transactions cannot be completed fully online.

At the core of these transactions is being able to issue trusted digital documents (e.g. driver’s licenses, permits etc.) and using them from high-value sensitive transactions (e.g. applying for loans, renting or buying a home) to more mundane but identity-dependent transactions (e.g. purchasing alcohol, renting a car or a vacation property etc.).

What they all have in common is the need for convenient, privacy respecting and secure trusted identity and credential documents.

Getting started in the digital identity and credential space can be hard

There is a lack of digital identity and credential talent in our labour force, best practices are still emerging, and it can be challenging to know where your gaps are as an organization to start a digital identity or credential program. As a neutral non-profit with a breadth of knowledge and a broad collaborator and member network, we are in a unique position to help with those very first steps.


Our Digital Credential Training Program provides the tools and understanding for organizations to take their digital identity journey to the next level.

Use Cases, Roadmaps and Gap Assessments

We help you map out your first steps or your next steps in working with digital credentials.

  • Our use case and roadmap service helps you identify how you might use a digital credential in your organization and the steps you can take to start using it.
  • Our gap assessments provide an in depth review of your current state and how you can mature your identity management program to include digital credentials.

Program Guidance

We guide organizations’ journeys with key considerations, emerging best practices, and marketplace insights so that organizations have confidence as they begin to set their digital credential direction and determine how they will engage the vendor community.

Want to get started but don’t know how to start? Contact us about our Capacity Building Programs.

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