DTLab strengthens cybersecurity by advancing safe, seamless, and secure digital identity and credentials. We do this by working across our programs to cultivate knowledge, capacity and technical competence amongst individuals and organizations working with digital credentials and identity.

This work is underlined by a key principle: to provide public benefit and transparent reporting in everything we do.

Our programs are:

Co-Created Projects

Through our Co-created Projects program we facilitate multi-party projects that identify and explore problems and opportunities to advance digital identity and credentials in line with our impact areas. In doing so, we’re committed to creating a safe space for open collaboration, exploration, problem solving, and knowledge sharing. Anyone can submit a project or participate on a project as a collaborator.

See our past and current projects for examples.
Learn more about how to get involved in our Co-created Projects.

Capacity Building

Getting started in the digital identity and credential space can be hard. There is a dearth of digital identity and credential talent in our labour force, best practices are still emerging, and it can be challenging to know where your gaps are as an organization to start a digital identity or credential program. As a neutral non-profit with a breadth of knowledge and a broad collaborator and member network, we are in a unique position to help with those very first steps. We do this by providing training, readiness assessments and program design advice.


How does one know whether they were doing something well if there was no way of measuring it? At DTLab, we believe the key to success in every Digital Identity endeavour lies in continuous improvement. Regular assessments propels our community forward.

DTLab designs and delivers assessments that advance Digital Identity in areas such as usability, privacy, technical conformity and interoperability. We have the expertise, tools and highly secure infrastructure to support a structured assessment of digital identity programs, solutions, and/or implementations against the relevant frame of reference.