How does one know whether they were doing something well if there was no way of measuring it? At DTLab, we believe the key to success in every digital identity endeavour lies in continuous improvement. This is true for both buying and selling organizations of digital identity and credential solutions.

In order to take incremental steps in the right direction, there needs to be a goal post, and a yardstick that can provide an objective indication of how far you have come and the distance that remains. New entrants in the space can leverage assessments to strengthen their product and to advance their market position; while established players can further assert their leadership position and credibility by obtaining the relevant trustmarks and certifications.

Assessments provide this objective indication. Assessments are always performed against a frame of reference such as standards, frameworks, or best practices established by regulators, industries, or communities. To provide meaningful coverage for those looking to advance their digital identity maturity, we design and deliver assessments that advance digital identity in areas such as usability, privacy, technical conformity and interoperability.

Our unbiased team of specialists tests and experiments with governance and technology models designed to leverage digital credentials in Canadians’ day-to-day lives. Our work supports efforts to ensure various solutions work across the country and internationally. We have the expertise, tools and highly secure infrastructure to support a structured assessment of digital identity programs, solutions, and/or implementations against the relevant frame of reference.

Each organization and their products and services are unique, and so is their progress on the digital identity maturity curve. We offer our assessments at various levels of depth to best suit the needs of our clients, large or small, just starting out or well established.

In some cases, you might not even know what type of assessment is applicable or most appropriate to meet your business needs. That’s not a problem! DTLab will collaborate with you to design the right assessment.

Our assessment services are used to validate in-house assets, or to pre-qualify 3rd-party solutions, resulting in increased quality, faster time to market, and shorter procurement process.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, an assessment is never one and done. In a fast-evolving industry like digital identity, ongoing assessments provide an incremental way to validate progress in an agile product development environment.

Customers and prospects want to know that a product or service meets or exceeds relevant standards. An independent third party attestation provides this desirable stamp of approval.

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