Co-Created Projects

At DTLab we facilitate the intake and delivery of multi-party, co-created projects that strengthen cybersecurity by advancing safe and seamless digital credentials.

In doing so, we’re committed to creating a safe space for open collaboration, exploration, problem solving, and knowledge sharing.

All of our co-created projects involve the active participation of both the people working to develop solutions and those who will ultimately use them across the economic spectrum — today and into the future.

We study digital credentials for a variety of applications — from issuing a digital driver’s license, to validating a digital post-secondary diploma, to tracing the origin or authenticity of a product.

DTLab facilitates co-created projects with individuals and organizations that we believe will have maximum impact. Our process helps to refine ideas, identify funding opportunities, and define resourcing needs.

We have identified some impact areas to explore based on ongoing discussions with leading experts in the digital identity and credential community.

Impact Areas

To evaluate whether a co-created project is the right fit, we consider how it might:

  • Promote a better understanding of digital identity and credentials.
  • Develop talent and capacity in digital identity and credentials across the public, private and non-profit sectors to foster trust.
  • Promote digital credential issuance and onboarding that is effective, efficient and inclusive.
  • Ensure interoperability so digital credentials work across Canada and internationally.
  • Facilitate the growth and effectiveness of a community to verify digital credentials, which will involve many small and medium businesses Canadians interact with daily.

How to get involved

Solving complex problems related to implementing digital credentials requires working with a community of people, organizations and governments who share our vision and commitment to excellence.

There are many ways you can get involved in our DTLab co-created projects and you do not need to be a member of DTLab to participate.

Submit a project

Anyone with a great idea can submit a project. If you’re interested in developing a project with DTLab, contact us.

DTLab’s co-created projects are supported by DTLab capabilities including: design thinking facilitation, digital identity and credential subject matter expertise, sandbox and hosting infrastructure, assessments and interoperability testing, and capacity building.


Become a collaborator

We’re always looking for collaborators with a passion for solving complex digital credential problems. We work on a variety of co-created projects in the digital credential space that require different skill sets and expertise. The involvement of contributors in our work keeps our perspective broad.

Thinking of becoming a collaborator?

Review our current and past projects

Become a funder

Funding DTLab co-created projects is a great way to truly make an impact in the advancement of digital identity and credentials in Canada.

Through your investment you will contribute towards:

  • Breaking down silos: DTLab’s co-created projects aim to make the issuing and implementation of digital credentials smoother, safer and more inclusive.
  • A collaborative approach: Building community, collaboration and partnership within digital identity and credential ecosystems will help us harness the power of the best minds in the country.
  • Measurable results: Results-driven and committed to transparency, DTLab’s co-created projects gather invaluable data and generate evidence-based insights that others can leverage in pursuit of the common good.
  • A sustainable growth plan: Support the building of strategic partnerships, development of scalable solutions, and expansion of DTLab’s reach.

Learn more about becoming a funder.


If you are interested in submitting, collaborating, or funding a co-created project, get in touch!

Where do we go from here?

From protecting vulnerable Canadians online, to making it easier for identity theft victims to rebuild their lives, to maximizing efficiency and traceability in the supply chain, DTLab is actively developing new co-created project ideas for some of Canada’s biggest digital identity and credential challenges.

Some examples of future collaboration areas:

  • Continuing to incubate and broaden the Digital Trust Test Bench capabilities
  • A position paper examining age-verification policies and practices
  • A national strategy to fight disinformation and misinformation about digital identity
  • Developing post-secondary courses to teach digital identity and credential skills to the next generation
  • Training public servants and people in the industry on digital credentials
  • Publishing findings on studies of technology stacks and governance models

For examples of what we’re working on, take a look at our current and past projects.