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Our multi-sector membership program is made up of organizations and individuals who are passionate about digital identity and credentials. Members participate on co-created projects, are eligible to be nominated to the Board of Directors, and form our Steering Committee.

Membership Benefits

DTLab membership is designed for organizations that seek to demonstrate the applications and use cases of digital identity and credentials, and are looking to solve the tough problems that no one organization can accomplish on its own.

DTLab members can expect the following:

  • Be eligible to be nominated on the Board of Directors 
  • Participate on our Steering Committee to prioritize DTLab co-created projects
  • Have a say and participate on DTLab co-created projects
  • Receive complimentary access to DTLab tools i.e. Digital Trust Test Bench
  • Discounts on DTLab programs i.e. Training
  • Joint marketing initiatives
  • Joint press releases
  • Heightened exposure through owned media (e.g. DTLab website and social media) and DTLab’s community
  • Tangible project and research reports for media and marketing

Balanced Approach

As an independent non-profit organization dedicated to digital credentials, DTLab is committed to ensuring all interest groups are represented in our membership in a balanced and equitable fashion. Interest groups are limited to ensure there is not an unfair balance, or creating a case where one interest group has control over DTLab.

Interest groups are as follows:

  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector
  • Non-profit
  • Academic
  • Individual (by invitation only)

For further details on DTLab membership, including pricing, please contact us.

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Member Organizations

As a Canadian federal non-profit organization, DTLab does not have shareholders, we have members. Five out of six membership categories are reserved for organizations: public sector, private sector, academic sector, non profit sector and founding members (DIACC and In-Sec-M).

All categories of membership are represented on the Board of Directors of DTLab.

Members – Individuals

The sixth category of membership at DTLab is “Individuals” and this category is also represented on the Board of Directors. Membership, both for organizations and for individuals, is usually by invitation only but if you think you can support and contribute to the Mission of the Lab, feel free to Request Membership and we will start a conversation with you!

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