Desjardins is supporting Canada’s Digital Identity Laboratory to build a strong digital economy

April 8, 2022

Lab Announcements

Financial contribution of $845,000

Montreal, April 6, 2022 – Desjardins is proud to support Canada’s Digital Identity Laboratory (IDLab), an independent non-profit dedicated to accelerating the adoption and development of compliant and interoperable digital identity solutions. The $845,000 financial contribution will go toward setting up the laboratory, namely by recruiting specialists in cybersecurity and the protection of personal information.

Digital identities provide Quebecers with a secure, confidential method of identification and authentication. They include digital credentials, identification systems and governance models. Digital identity solutions are a critical component of a strong, modern and resilient economy. They help people better protect their privacy and give them back control over their data.

“Electronic transfers, online shopping, social networks and technology are used in every aspect of Canadian life. Given the increasing speed of the transition to digital technologies, Desjardins Group must work with the best in the industry to develop a real digital identity. We need to offer people-centric solutions that give users full control over the data they share. Desjardins Group’s contribution to the Digital Identity Laboratory shows how much we believe in, support and encourage the adoption of best practices in security and privacy protection,” says Guy Cormier, President and CEO of Desjardins Group.

Before IDLab was founded in February 2020, there was no organization dedicated to promoting and ensuring the compliance and technical interoperability of digital identity solutions. The lab has been working to set up its cloud infrastructure for the past 2 years. It now offers digital solutions in 4 provinces (Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan) and at the federal level. A large part of what the lab does is test digital platforms to ensure they’re compliant.

“We’d like to thank Desjardins for recognizing and supporting the lab’s mission. The funds provided will be used to make the investments needed to ensure the Lab’s financial independence, creating a lasting foundation for the organization’s expertise and long-term sustainability. Digital identities are increasingly recognized as a way to give people back control over their information, while also offering a more streamlined and secure experience, whether online or in person,” says Pierre Roberge, General Manager of the Digital Identity Laboratory.

The Digital Identity Laboratory, which has its head office in Gatineau, is the only one of its kind in Canada. It supports private- and public-sector initiatives across Canada aimed at setting up interoperable, user-centric digital identity solutions.

IDLab helps Canadian organizations and individuals set up digital ID-related sandboxes to research, assess, audit, test and certify digital identity components.

About Canada’s Digital Identity Laboratory

The IDLab is a Canadian independent non-profit entity dedicated to advancing digital trust by breaking down barriers to digital ID adoption. The IDLab promotes conformity and interoperability of user-centric digital identity solutions. The IDLab is not an incubator and does not develop or sell digital identity solutions. For more information, go to

About the GoodSpark Fund

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