Project Submission Public Review Now Ongoing

November 6, 2023

Co-Created Projects Lab Announcements

IDLab is undertaking a public review process for its co-created projects.

As the deadline to submit projects drew to a close on October 20th, the excitement at IDLab was palpable. We extend heartfelt thanks to those who have submitted project proposals. Your contributions have set the stage for a groundbreaking first round of projects, marking a resounding success for IDLab 2.0’s project intake initiative.

Now, the spotlight shifts to the next phase of our Project ProcessOutreach. As the Outreach Phase unfolds, we anticipate an influx of fresh perspectives, novel ideas, and potential collaborations that will elevate these projects to new heights. The wealth of feedback and insights generated during this phase will serve as a catalyst, propelling these proposals towards their full potential. The project outreach phase will end December 7th, 2023.

We want your feedback!

IDLab is seeking constructive feedback on the Co-created Project proposals to help refine them, with a specific interest in fine-tuning public benefit. Feedback on the proposals will be shared with the submitter, following the close of the Outreach Phase. Based on this feedback, submitters will then decide whether they would like to continue with their proposal for presentation to the IDLab Steering Committee for review, approval and prioritization.


See project proposals available for public review
Outreach closes: December 7th, 2023


Things to consider when commenting:

  • Does this project seek to address an issue in the digital economy?
  • Does this project seek to tackle the big issues involved in the creation of safe, seamless and secure digital credentials in Canada?
  • Is there a community benefit in addressing the issues noted in this proposal?
  • Does this project duplicate or contradict any existing or ongoing work in the ecosystem?

Important: Project documents in the Outreach Phase are public and can be viewed by anyone at any time! Please do not list any personally identifiable information for yourself, or anyone else. IDLab reserves the right to delete inappropriate comments.


About IDLab co-created project submissions

Anyone with a great idea can submit a project idea aligned with IDLab impact areas. IDLab facilitates projects with individuals and organizations that we believe will have maximum impact. Our process helps to refine ideas and find funding opportunities and resourcing needs.

Outreach Phase of IDLab’s Intake process

Shortlisted submissions go through a community consultation process to find collaborators and funding. Along the way, IDLab ensures transparency and inclusion remain top priorities.

Transparency, Inclusion, and Trust

At IDLab 2.0, transparency and inclusivity are not just ideals but guiding principles. As we embark on the outreach phase, we are committed to ensuring every voice is heard, every perspective valued. This collective effort not only strengthens the projects but also builds trust within our community, solidifying our shared commitment to innovation.