IDLab Announces its Steering Committee Members

November 15, 2023

Co-Created Projects Lab Announcements

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IDLab is excited to announce the founding members of its Steering Committee

(Gatineau) – The Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada (IDlab) is pleased to announced its Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is formed exclusively by IDLab Members with a purpose to approve and prioritize co-created projects that come through the intake process. This role is critical to ensure IDLab facilitated co-created projects are supported by the community and addressing the most urgent needs in the ecosystem.

Steering Committee Members:

Brigitte Allard, IDGatineau

Isabelle Veilleux, Ville de Gatineau

Joni Brennan, The DIACC

Mathieu Desrosiers, Desjardins

Claude Perreault, Levio

Darrell O’Donnell, Continuum Loop

Michael Shea, Dingle Group

Neil Butters, Interac

Jacques Latour, CIRA

Imraan Bashir, KPMG

IDLab would like to formally welcome these founding members of the Steering Committee. After an orientation meeting in November, the Steering Committee will meet in December to start approving and prioritizing projects from the first call for proposals. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Steering Committee, can visit our members page for further information, on how to join IDLab and participate.