IDLab discusses Canada’s digital ID journey in Digital Wallets panel

“Thinking Locally and Globally for Digital Wallets and Identification”, a panel discussion hosted by Digital Identity from Vienna.

On May 5th, our VP of Advisory Services, Cosanna Preston-Idedia (Canada) joined Jacques von Benecke, CTO, Druk Holdings & Investments (Bhutan), and Bjarke Alling, Principal Advisor, D-Seal (Denmark) for the first panel discussion series on Digital Wallets – Thinking Locally and Globally for Digital Wallets and Identification, hosted by Digital Identity from Vienna.

Digital Identity from Vienna’s organizer, Michael Shea noted:
“The ability to shift populations and gain (or force) adoption of new public policy positions is linked to the ability of the public sector form of governance. Over the past 20+ years the potential of truly digital economies and societies have been expounded endlessly but the results have been mixed with a consistent short fall in the meeting of expectations. High assurance digital identity appears to provide the final missing element to allow full digitalization of society to take place.”

The panel focused on legislation, policies and approaches used to aid adoption in the three countries. The panel touched on the importance of countries looking outside themselves in their digital ID journey. There are opportunities to learn from those, such as Denmark, who have been at it for many years, and panelists highlighted there are similarities where they might not be expected, such as the challenges of connecting rural and remote communities in Bhutan and Canada.

Learn more about what’s happening in Canada, Bhutan and Denmark in the panel video below.