Navigating the Future: Pan-Canadian Trust Registry Community of Practice Final Report

Funded by CIRA, 40 representatives of the public, private and non-profit sectors explore the viability of a pan-Canadian trust registry.

In a world where online transactions have become the norm, ensuring the safety of Canadians in the digital space is more critical than ever. The report, sponsored by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), is the culmination of a 6-month community of practice initiative that saw 26 organizations working together from across the public and private sectors. The report delves into the establishment of trust registries and their role in combating fraud, fostering the adoption of digital credentials, and enhancing Canadians’ overall trust in the internet.

Read the full report here.

The Challenge of Digital Trust

As the shift towards digital transactions accelerates, the importance of establishing and verifying the identity of individuals and entities in the digital space cannot be overstated. Verifiable digital credentials have emerged as a viable solution to this challenge, offering a means to confirm the legitimacy of presented information in a transaction.

However, a persistent challenge remains in verifying the legitimacy of the entities issuing these credentials. Recognizing the need for a robust solution, CIRA envisioned a pan-Canadian registry of trust registries, leveraging the Domain Name System (DNS) to facilitate seamless trust registry and issuer discovery processes.

This report represents an initial exploration into the registry-of-registries concept. Its purpose is to foster further discussion to enhance Canadians’ internet safety, encourage global collaboration, drive innovation, and promote interoperability. Empowering individuals, verifiers, and ecosystem players to better authenticate digital credentials creates a more trusted digital ecosystem. 

The Future of Digital Trust

The report’s findings provide initial confidence that a registry of registries could be feasible.  In doing so, it underscores the challenges at hand and puts forward the  initial steps towards feasible real world solutions.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in safeguarding Canadians and fostering a secure online environment. Trust registries, and a trusted list of these lists, could be a powerful solution to bridge this trust gap. Implementing such registries holds immense potential in protecting Canadians by combating fraud and bolstering the adoption of digital credentials.

We invite you to explore the report, share your thoughts, and join the conversation about the future of digital trust. Together, we can navigate a safer and more secure digital future for all.

Read the full report here.