Program Guidance

With emerging technology, comes a lot of unknowns, which can leave organizations struggling to determine how this affects them and where to start.

DTLab provides neutral and tailored guidance to help governments and organizations alike to get going, as they start planning their roadmap or engaging the vendor community.

DTLab helps governments and organizations find their feet with their digital identity or credential program so that when they go out to the market to build their team and find their partners, they can do so with confidence.

DTLab spends the time to fully understand your needs, and can assist with:

  • Understanding the vendor marketplace
  • Providing a landscape of the current state of provincial, territorial and federal government activities
  • Exploring the the maturing standards, and emerging technology trends
  • Tips and emerging best practice
  • Making connections to what is happening internationally, and how that can affect your organization

Looking for a little help to get your program going?

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