Publication of a digital identity white paper by major players in the Quebec industry

May 25, 2023

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To learn more about this topic, please see the digital identity white paper

QUEBECMay 25, 2023 /CNW/ – Beneva, Desjardins, IDLab and KPMG join forces and launch a white paper with the objective to develop a common understanding of digital identity in order to answer basic questions that citizens, consumers and business leaders may have, in order to promote its integration into everyday life. The authors of the white paper wish to encourage collaboration between the various actors who will be involved in the implementation of this digital representation of a person and contribute to creating a favorable and safe context for its adoption.

Based on a collaboration between four organizations, the free white paper takes a stand against the lack of a formal and meaningful digital identity that increases the vulnerability of individuals and organizations to fraud and identity theft. As a result, public confidence in proposed solutions is not always present and hinders its acceptance, whereas this technology should make it easy and secure to prove their identity in order to interact with organizations and access services.

“At Beneva, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and partners. We are always looking for opportunities and innovative solutions that will allow us to provide them with a secure and streamlined experience, and the white paper is an important step in that direction.”, said Suzie Dion, Vice President Shared Services, Business and Corporate Functions at Beneva.

“Desjardins supports the creation of a digital ID based on the principles set out in the white paper because our top priority is protecting our members and clients. The principles give people control over their personal information and make things easier for them. We hope that this white paper will foster collaboration among public and private organizations and create an environment where we can adopt and implement a robust and trusted digital ID for all stakeholders.” said Mathieu Desrosiers, Director at Desjardins.

“At IDLab, we recognise that there is important education and awareness work to be done to create widespread support for user-friendly and secure digital identities in Canada. We believe that the best solutions will require a community approach, in collaboration with public and private organisations, and we are determined to facilitate this.”, noted Patrick Cormier, CEO – IDLab.

“KPMG’s team of professionals in Quebec is pleased to have contributed to the development of this document. Mindful of the importance of protecting personal information, we suggest concrete solutions for effective and responsible involvement of digital identity.” states Dominic Jaar, Partner and Regional Leader, Management Consulting at KPMG Canada

TELUS and Videotron have joined this initiative to contribute to a favourable context for a better common understanding of digital identity.