Trust Registry – Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA)

June 6, 2022

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Decentralized Model, Digital Identity, Trust Registry

CIRA explores the emergence of trust registry services as a means to accelerate the adoption of decentralized digital identity.

The Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada (IDLab) is proud to announce that it has completed its analysis of the potential for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) to offer trust registry services in the domain of decentralized identity. The advisory engagement was structured in three stages, first exploring the concepts of trust registry services, then elaborating upon key observations, and lastly recommending approaches for CIRA to contribute toward the advancement of digital identity adoption and ecosystems.

While the integrity of issued verifiable credentials can be assured using cryptography, the typical deployment does not provide the means to assure the authority and/or legitimacy of the issuer. Trust registries can deliver attestations as to the real-world identities for credential issuers.

Many parallels can be drawn between trust registry services and CIRA’s expertise. Consensus on approaches to addressing the “human trust” in decentralized digital identity is still in its infancy, which represents both a challenge and an opportunity for Canada. CIRA is in a position to contribute its expertise toward defining the missing trust anchors required to activate large scale deployment of the emerging decentralized identity ecosystem.

To learn more, read the executive summary here.

About the Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada

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