Impact Area – IDLab 2.0 develops talent and capacity in digital identity and credentials

Building capacity in digital identity and credentials entails equipping individuals with a comprehensive body of knowledge of the digital identity ecosystem, and how to navigate it effectively.

Through our previous engagements, conversations with experts, and digital identity maturity assessments, a striking gap in digital identity proficiency has emerged. Organizations grapple with skill shortages, and professionals often lack opportunities for development in this rapidly evolving field. See how IDLab addresses this challenge, promotes adoption, and contributes to a secure and trustworthy digital ecosystem.

This article is part of our series on IDLab 2.0’s five impact areas. We have identified these impact areas based on ongoing discussions with leading experts in the digital identity and credential community. Each of these areas represent a point of focus that requires additional development within the digital identity ecosystem in order to strengthen cybersecurity and advance safe, seamless and secure digital credentials as a whole. IDLab facilitates co-created projects with individuals and organizations that we believe will have maximum impact.

What is capacity building for digital identity and credentials?

Developing talent and capacity across the public, private and non-profit sectors to foster trust is about providing these organizations with the knowledge and tools to properly approach, understand, and integrate digital identity and credentials into their operations. Throughout IDLab engagements, discussions with experts, assessments and interactions, we have observed a glaring gap in capability across industries, a severe skill shortage across organizations and a lack of opportunities for professional development. 

Building capacity in digital identity and credentials is providing professionals affected by digital ID a better grasp on key related subjects, and a roadmap for those that don’t even know where to start. Nurturing the talent and capacity required for present, ongoing and upcoming needs and challenges in digital identity and credentials will be of paramount importance.

Why is building capacity important?

The cornerstone of any thriving ecosystem lies in the caliber of its workforce. IDLab recognizes this and the significance of cultivating talent in the digital identity landscape. Equipping professionals across sectors with the skills and knowledge required to navigate the digital identity and credentials ecosystem empowers them to be catalysts of change. This, in turn, instills confidence in stakeholders and end-users, paving the way for a more secure and trustworthy digital landscape. 

By focusing on talent development and capacity building, IDLab actively contributes to the adoption of secure, privacy-preserving digital credentials, and propels economic growth. Fostering this capability for digital identity and credentials promotes innovation and adoption, creates new job opportunities, has the potential to benefit marginalized communities, and enables an accessible and inclusive digital ecosystem. By nurturing a skilled workforce, facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration, and driving adoption, IDLab contributes to an environment for digital interactions that are secure, seamless, and above all, trusted.

Previous and ongoing IDLab work aligned with this impact area

Through specialized training programs, workshops, and mentorship, IDLab provides professionals and organizations across industries an accelerated learning curve in understanding the digital identity and credentials in relation to their operations. 

The IDLab Digital Trust Acceleration Program (DTAP) offers a tailored experience to organizations that seek to have a solid grasp of where they are in terms of maturity, how to keep up with the dynamic digital identity and credential landscape, and where they need to go to achieve their operational objectives. 

The IDLab Program Guidance service enables private and public organizations alike to get going on their digital identity or credential program. Whether it be engaging the vendor community, exploring maturing standards and emerging technology trends, or advice on integrating emerging best practice, this fit for purpose experience provides organizations with a customized roadmap for launching their program.


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IDLab is committed to strengthening cybersecurity by advancing safe and seamless digital credentials. We explore impact areas to promote a better understanding of digital identity, ensure seamless interoperability and facilitate community growth.